Faculty of TDE, Oxford Brookes University

The aspirational brief for a new building, entitled the “Cathedral of Making”, envisions an inspirational facility containing all of the hands-on practical maker spaces of the University. The building will bring together such space from Arts, Architecture, Computing, Mechanical Engineering and Built Environment Studies, and the goal is to break down the departmental silos, to create flexible “mash-up” spaces, where interdisciplinary experimentation and engagement can occur. The aim is to create a facility unlike any other in Oxford, and indeed to be unique with its combination of disciplines within the UK.

Set within the grounds of historic Headington Hill Hall, and replacing a redundant 1960s block, the building will be open 24 hours a day. It will provide state-of-the-art facilities for the varied creative disciplines of the faculty, including a robotics lab, fine arts studios, recording studios, a digital arts theatre, architecture and motion capture studios. Additionally it houses specialist engineering and automotive workshops, wind tunnels, casting and hot works rooms as well as social learning spaces and a café.

The building will significantly offset its users’ high power demand through on-site renewables, while eliminating carbon-emitting cooling plant through integration of automated natural ventilation systems that work in tandem with passive solar design.

Client: Oxford Brookes University
Project Type: HE teaching facilities
Location: Headington, Oxford
Status: Planning

Project implemented in 2020 with BGS Architects. 

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