Demand for the provision of private and publicly owned homes reached an unprecedented level in 2022. In Oxfordshire and throughout southern England there is a shortage of homes and land, driving up house prices and investor interest symbiotically. With recent changes to planning laws and the likely advent of permanent flexible working, Southern England is poised on the brink of a housing and workplace revolution. The increasing prevalence of high speed broadband and FTTP (fibre to the premises) has made remote working a reality rather than an aspiration, while improved rail links and the arrival of Crossrail will strengthen the case for commuting into London from further afield. More locally, authorities such as Oxford City Council, Croydon and Waltham Forest are seizing the opportunity afforded by the relaxation of spending rules to develop their own housing to meet long waiting lists and pent up demand.

Resonant Architecture are well positioned at the heart of this geographic area, and within the London City Area (within one hour’s commute from Central London). With experience in social housing, mixed use schemes, Build to Rent and in both low and high rise developments we are able to quickly address our clients’ needs whether in early-stage feasibility planning or in the provision of architectural services throughout the life of a project.

Our approach to design in housing follows the key themes of wellbeing, sustainability and community. We believe that context-driven design and early engagement with the local community and stakeholders are critical to the success of a project. Integration of any new housing with its social and physical environment can be challenging but if solved brings with it immense benefits.

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