Apartments, Surbiton

A development of five apartments. These homes are conceived as a modern take on the traditional ‘mews’ terrace, a form currently undergoing a renaissance in London and Surbiton. The north-south orientation of the building allows the main living spaces and patios/ balconies to take full advantage of the southerly sun, while taking advantage of views across the arboreal setting.

Proposed exterior facing materials were guided by the rich and often Arts & Crafts derived architecture of Oakhill Conservation Area, and wanted to reference this with a cream coloured brick similar to London Stock, with a subtle diamond pattern laid in. This material will clad both walls and pitched roof. Using one material for both surfaces will give the building a sympathetic appearance set against the older Victorian brickwork of the master buildings rising above them.

Client: Develop with Us
Project Type: Commercial housing
Location: Surbiton, London
Status: Planning
Budget: £1m

Project implemented in 2017 with Architecture for London.

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