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Resonant Architecture provides a focused set of specialist services both in-house and working with our partners. The list below comprises our primary services. Please get in touch to discuss your needs further. 


Materials are central to our design thinking. From the inception of a project our designs examine the interaction and relationship we have with materials every day, from the warmth of a wooden floor to the solidity of a stone wall. We strive to hone and perfect these relationships with each new brief, drawing on experience, best practice and the latest industry insight.

With experience across the residential, commercial, housing, education, arts, and hospitality sectors we provide design services tailored to your needs. We can provide ‘full’ services, taking a brief and developing the project to a built solution, or partial services limited to a particular project stage. 

Architectural services are agreed with you at inception and can include Lead Consultant and Contract Administrator. We are experienced with working both client and contractor side and offer bespoke services where required. Please get in touch should you wish to talk about how we can meet your needs as a client, whether individual or as a group. 


As explored in more detail on our sustainability page, the preservation and nurture of our planet’s environment is at the top of our agenda. The natural world is our greatest asset, and critical to the health, wealth and wellbeing of all humans. In all services we will work with you to enhance the environmental and therefore human benefits of your project, whether at the strategic or local scale.

Resonant Architecture seeks to minimise its impact on the environment both through our work, and as an organisation. In turn we offer sustainability consulting for your business, organisation or household, helping you identify your sustainability goals and the steps required to achieve them. These can include measures to reduce the impact of lifestyle, business operations or the planning of an organisation, right through to the design and construction of buildings, spaces and places.


Using our in-depth knowledge of the planning system and experience with a range of local authorities we make the process of gaining planning permission as smooth as possible. We work with a trusted network of surveyors and consultants to deliver the information often required for planning applications. 

We offer one-off planning applications or the integration of planning negotiation and approvals into a complete package of services.

Building Control 

For prospective construction projects, Local Authority Building Control plays a significant part and often appears to pose a daunting barrier to achieving project goals. As with Planning, we will use our extensive experience of the Building Regulations and Local Authorities to enable you to achieve your aims, while drawing on a network of specialists should in-depth analysis of specific requirements be requested. Often our clients wish to go beyond the standards of the Building Regulations in order to fulfill their ambitions.


As a 21st century design practice, technology is central to our approach, and our lives. Our experience of technology-integration includes district heating systems, on-site power generation, EV charging networks, passive low-energy design, off-site prefabrication, Internet of Things, SUDS, low-VOC materials, recycled construction materials, vehicle lifts, specialist lab fit-outs, acoustically sensitive spaces, audio-visual integration, among many others.


As well as architectural services we offer interior design should your project require this. For the best results this service is integrated with architectural design and site planning, to ensure external and interior spaces complement and work with each other. We are also able to provide interiors-only or interior-led design services.

Development Appraisals

We offer joint ventures, consultancy services and one-off advice in connection with any potential or live development project. Using our flexible fee structure, deliverables and programme are tailored to suit your needs. Additional services from among our other discliplines can be included if required, at a discounted rate. Our expertise and knowlege of the Planning system and Building Regulations, our project track record and insight into the construction and property industries puts us in a unique position to assess and report on potential build-out solutions and associated risks.

Public Realm

Using our experience in masterplanning, newbuild development, placemaking and regeneration we are able to provide consultancy services at the first stages of a project to develop a framework as part of a wider programme of development. Additionally we offer a desktop feasilibilty study service for any project or potential project. We will identify speculative or existing opportunities and constraints and rigourously test your needs against them.

Research and Analysis

Research and analysis are in our DNA. Every project starts with research and, in order to come to fruition is subject to analysis. We are able to offer this service as standalone, using our experience and knowlege to rapidly gather and report on the key data and issues of a project, and if required to analyse these points against possible outcomes. 

Building Conservation

We have successfully achieved listed building consent for a number of Grade I and II Listed Buildings and structures around England, and ensured the requirements of these are communicated effectively to  construction teams and clients. As is the nature of conservation work, our approach is based on careful research and constructive discussion with the local authority and relevant parties. Where required we are able to draw on a trusted network of specialists to support our proposals.

Please get in touch to arrange an introductory consultation.