Our extensive portfolio of completed private homes illustrates the range of experience we can bring to your project. With knowledge of UK and local planning policy as well as expertise in heritage and conservation projects, our team tailor their approach to ensuring that designs meet the requirements of the brief while maximising chances of success at planning. The vast majority of our projects achieve planning permission in both urban and rural settings, within Conservation Areas, and for listed buildings of various grades.

Sustainability is key consideration when designing any new extension or house, and this goes hand in hand with minimising energy use and household bills. Resonant Architecture specialise in sustainable design, sustainability strategy and advice on running and optimising an environmentally friendly home. The key areas we focus on when designing a private home include the energy use in producing the building’s materials and its construction – known as embodied energy – reduction of waste in construction, and the reduction of energy in use: heating, cooking, cooling and even transportation. Energy that is used in the building can come from a number of sources and we can discuss options for power and heat generation on site as well as battery storage and renewable tariffs. We are also partnered with a certified Passivhaus designer, should this approach be preferred. Passivhaus is the leading certification scheme for the design of low-energy homes, and focuses on elimination of heat loss through effective air-tightness and insulation.

Our practice maintains a network of trusted professionals in the specialisms required to enable delivery of your project. Subject to the requirements of each project we can bring in surveyors, daylight consultants, Passivhaus designers, structural engineers, services engineers, planning consultants and heritage consultants, among others. Each project is given its unique architect, and is overseen by the practice principal. We understand that with private homes the cost and programme are often close to the top of the priority list and therefore we ensure that these are regularly reviewed with our clients and the project managed in order to keep these on target.

If you are looking for architectural services for your home in Oxford, London or the surrounding regions, please explore our portfolio below and contact us to discuss your needs.