The Black Bull Inn

This project included the restoration, alteration and refurbishment of a 18th century hall adjoined to a 17th century Grade II listed inn. The hall had been badly mistreated over the years and was on the point of collapse.

Works included completely rebuilding the roof and some walls, as well as preserving vernacular clunch-block brickwork discovered within the original fabric of the building.

The roof structure was non-original and structurally unsound, however many of the original clay roof tiles had been preserved over the years. A careful process of removal of the original tiles allowed the modern roof structure to be dismantled, the original walls to be stabilised and a new oak hardwood and steel roof structure to be put in place. The roof structure although new, references the emerging methods and crafts in use at the time of the building’s construction.

Having removed the modern interior decorations and completed the installation of the roof, it was possible to insulate the previously cold and exposed building to modern standards. A breathable insulation and finishes were used to ensure damp and moisture could escape from the 200 year old masonry. A further layer of insulation provides acoustic absorption within the ceiling lining, facilitated via an acoustically transparent black fabric.

The result breathes new life into this important example of a historic hall, while providing the Black Bull Inn with a new restaurant and event space.

Client: Blue Hop Ltd.
Project Type: Dining hall / event space
Location: Balsham, Cambridgeshire
Status: Complete