Garden Studio, Cambridge

Close to the Cam in central Cambridge, this garden studio serves multiple purposes for its owner, a local schoolteacher. A key part of the brief was to provide indoor growing space for plants, and potting space. Additionally the studio was to be usable as a home office, and so was equipped with insulation and services to provide a comfortable environment. Lastly the space was also to have occasional use to store vehicles and so would also be accessible from the side via a motorised garage door.

Our response to this brief was to create a timeless adjunct to the pretty Victorian architecture of the area. Although small in scale the building references greenhouses and outbuildings of times gone by, while showcasing contemporary techniques and style.

Together with the studio, the garden was re-landscaped and a patio provided to take advantage of the southern aspect.

Client: Private client
Project Type: Garden outbuilding
Location: Cambridge
Status: Complete