Extension, Oxford

This private home in Headington, Oxford dates from the 1930s and was extended most recently in 2012. 

The brief called for increased space, a new kitchen and rationalisation at ground floor; new bedrooms and a playroom at first floor, a new garden room, and new high-quality  finishes throughout. This extensive programme demanded significant volumetric increase.

On entering the finished house, a main entrance sequence will lead from the new porch into the ground floor entrance hall, continuing up a new stair to the first floor, which will contain the additional bedrooms. At ground floor, the newly opened-up hallway will lead in sequence through a living space flanked by the kitchen and dining spaces, with light and views leading the visitor towards the garden and garden studio, reached past an external loggia and through full-height sliding doors.

The upper floors of the house offer views over gardens towards central Oxford, while privacy is maintained at ground floor through the carefully calibrated relationship between the protective loggia and glazed rear elevation.

Client: Private client
Project Type: House extension and remodel
Location: Headington, Oxford
Status: Planning permission granted