The House of Garnett

The House of Garnett is a project conceived of by celebrated Oxford artist and businesswoman Annie Sloan, to convert and extend one of Iffley Road’s unique Victorian villas. Brick-built over four storeys, the building exudes the ambition of its era and is complete with original stonework, joinery and metalwork. Its position geographically has evolved over the century since its construction; this area of Oxford although suburban when first built is now more characterised by the institutions that mark the start of the city’s centre.

Used as an office for many decades, layers of decoration and alteration will be stripped back to reveal the building’s original finishes and layout. At ground floor and basement level the building will be extended to provide generous living spaces with views to a garden reclaimed from car parking, while painting and photography studios are provided above.

Integral to the works will be the upgrading and improvement of the exterior facades and roof, while the garden will be overhauled, greatly improving the visual appearance of this somewhat neglected commercial property. Planted screens are proposed to provide privacy. 

Due to the raised ground floor, connection between the external ground level and main living spaces of the ground floor is currently difficult and only possible via steep steps at the front of the house. The proposed extension moves the primary living spaces (kitchen, dining) to the basement level and connects them directly to the garden and ground floor via the new extension. This connection will allow the residents of this urban home to enjoy a natural setting and provides a valuable oasis of biodiversity on the edge of central Oxford.

Client: Annie Sloan Ltd.
Project Type: Change of use / extension and remodel
Location: Oxford
Status: Planning